Sunday, January 10, 2010


Finally! I just wish it had been about 10 more inches. I was so excited about the snow, I went out and bought a sled on Wednesday, sure we were going to wake up to at least a couple of inches the next morning. I was so disappointed when I looked out Thursday morning and saw absolutely nothing. Not one flake. Anyway, we finally got enough to at least play in. We took the sled over to Sassy's house to play on her hills. We were able to "sled" even on the first day when there was only a dusting on the ground.

I love little kids bundled up in snow clothes. Mamie threw a fit about having to wear all of that, but once we got outside, she loved it. My sister handed down my nephew's old ski bibs (on Mamie) and boots (on Lilly) from when he was little and the girls were each able to wear some of it. Thanks Dylan!

Hollis loved the "no" and would have stayed out in it all day long.

Aunt Kim and the 2010 winter olympic toboggan crew

Lilly dumping snow on Hollis's head. He'll get her back...

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Anonymous said...

Lyla- So fun to check in on you all. Your girls are adorable, as always! I got a big kick out of your snow pics. Too cute! Just be grateful that you don't have to shovel everyday... or play in it. William wants me to take him out ALL the time. Will have to send you some pics. from MI. Hope all is well! -Katie