Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas with the cousins

This year, we celebrated Christmas with all my cousins at the farm on Christmas Eve. This was the first time that all of my aunt and uncle's great-grandchildren were here at the same time. Also, my sister was in town from Tampa along with my parents, so everyone was there. There were 18 kids--15 great-grandchildren and 3 great-nieces/nephews. When I was growing up, we put on a play every year for the grown-ups and sold tickets. This was the first year that they were old enough to attempt it. Sweet Emma (8) spent days making signs, tickets, a script, name tags, etc. and assigned everyone a part. She had a hard job trying to get a bunch of toddlers to cooperate :) It was so much fun to watch them all.
The three kid tables.

Emma's sign for the play :) The money really did go to the "needy" in case you are wondering.

Are you tired of seeing these pants in every picture yet? :)
They were my first sewing (clothes) project ever, so I was pretty proud of myself. Just don't look at them too closely :)

This was hilarious. Baby Tate stole the show as Baby Jesus in the play. Haley laid him in the doll cradle and he literally didn't move a muscle. He just stayed still with his little legs poking up out of the end.

Dylan's part of the play. Definitely the oldest one there (13), he was a good sport to play along. Can you tell from this picture how much my girls ADORE him? We wish you lived closer, Dylan!!!

I guess you would call this the finale of the show :)

Time to open gifts!

And the most amazing feat--getting all 18 kids in ONE picture! Sure, they aren't all looking, and one may be crying on the arm of the couch :), but they are all in the picture!

Our family (minus Jon, who was WORKING! of course)
Dylan, Tim, CJ & Pop, Lilly and Mamie, Deborah (my sister), and me

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chesley said...

those pants are precious!!! you did an awesome job.