Tuesday, January 19, 2010

my big girl is FIVE

I still can't believe it, but Lilly turned 5 last week. That seems so old. To top that off, she went to have her teeth cleaned and they told me she has a loose tooth. Already? I have never been sad or emotional about a birthday for the girls until this one. She just seems like she is getting so BIG. She says such grown up things, is such a good helper, can't wait for kindergarten in the fall, is starting to read, and can do so many things by herself.
She and Mamie are having a combined bowling birthday party at the end of the month, but we had Jon's family over for dinner to celebrate, AND had cupcakes at school, AND went to Puffy Muffin with Sassy for lunch, AND got Krispy Kreme doughnuts for her birthday breakfast... I think we had more than a full share of celebrating last week :)

I made the girls these birthday shirts--Mamie's has three little candles on it :)

Jon had to work late on the night of Lilly's birthday, so we opened presents that morning. It was pretty early when Lilly decided it was time to open her presents. You can see Mamie's arm on the couch. She was cuddling with her bunny and blanket and watching cartoons. It was too early for her to even care what Lilly got for her birthday. She takes after me a little bit :)

Lilly's scooter from us and CJ and Pop. Don't you love the choice of PJ's here?

The kids' table. Lilly was showing us that she is 5 and apparently everyone else is too.

Aunt Kellye and Uncle Jeff

Sassy and Papa Al

Silly Lilly and Aunt Kristin. Lilly acted pretty goofy all night.

Mamie "sharing" her ponies with Hollis.

Hollis needs a scooter! And a fairy hat and a wand, too :)

Happy Birthday my sweet little Lillybug!


Kelly said...

FIVE? That doesn't seem possible! It seems like just yesterday we were sitting in Sunday school and you and Jon were scaring me by talking about what a "great" sleeper she was...ha! Happy Birthday sweet girl!

chesley said...

i can't believe we'll both have kindergarteners in the fall!! it does not seem possible. the shirt is so cute. you're going to have to give me some lessons. happy birthday lilly!!

Carrie, The Modern Housewife said...

how cute. those shirts are great!!! happy birthday lily.

Angie said...

I agree, it doesn't seem possible. I remember the day in Sun. school class that y'all announced you were pregnant! Happy birthday, Lilly! You are a sweet girl!

maggie and michael said...

Wow! Can't believe she's 5 either! Looks like she had a fun birhtday!

Julie said...

That shirt is ridiculously cute. You have got to stop with all these talents or seriously I'm going to start having an inferiority complex around you! ha!