Tuesday, January 5, 2010

fun pre-Christmas activities

In typical fashion, once Thanksgiving was over, the rest of November and December seemed to be gone in a flash. I forgot my camera a few too many times (school party, etc.) but I'm sure I still have enough pictures to post to be a little obnoxious :) Jon works every other Saturday, and it unfortunately fell on every single Saturday we had something this year (in case anyone is wondering where he is in all these pictures).
Our first Christmas in our new house with our LIVE tree Jon insists on every year. I complain about having to water it and the mess it makes, but I do love the smell when you walk in the door.
My blurry picture of the girls at Breakfast with Santa. I don't think I have ever waited so long to have a picture taken. We were there for almost 3 hours! The one the photographer took was great, and there was fun stuff to do, so the girls didn't really notice the wait as much as their mommy did.

Mamie's buddy Campbell

After Breakfast with Santa, we went to see Santa and his live reindeer. I think this is Dancer, but don't hold me to that :) We ran into friends there and had lunch--it turned out to be a fun little outing!

Last year, Sassy started the tradition of taking the kids to make a gingerbread house at Richland. The girls loved it and Hollis tried to eat his weight in candy. I forgot my camera and had to get these from Kim. Aunt Kristin came by to help.

Notice anything different about Lilly's gingerbread house and the one that Hollis and Mamie are working on? Lilly was very serious about hers. Mamie and Hollis were very serious about what went in their mouth--not on their house.

hard at work

We brought Lilly's home and Hollis took the other one. I let the girls eat whatever they wanted on it on the 23rd before we went out of town.

The only picture I got from Lilly's program at Crieve Hall :( She was so excited and proud. I was trying to video, so I didn't get any pictures.

Hollis hanging out with the girls watching cartoons--and pretty much drowning in pink.

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